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Jumper: Flying in the Heartland

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  • Hardcover with foam insert
  • ISBN: 9781942084761
  • 122 pages; 42 Color Photographs
  • 10.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Published by Daylight Books
  • Contributions by Peter Geye & Chris Lamb

Considered the birthplace of American ski jumping, the Midwest has championed the art of flying for over a century. Each winter a Five Hills Tournament draws skiers from across the globe to some of America's most notable ski jumps in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois. Thousands of fans pack local ski clubs to witness jumpers launch themselves from scaffolds that rise menacingly above the flat Midwest landscape.  A former jumper himself, Cooper Dodds traveled the tour for five years creating large-format color photographs that highlight this transplanted Nordic tradition.

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